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an hour. now, it's $2.50 an hour, a lot closer to mexico's average wage of $3.50 an hour, according to flextronics international, an electronics- maker with countries. now, some say china is preparing to change its manufacturing model. "they're going to put more in r&d and robotic." wages in china are rising so quickly that the boston consulting group estimates labor costs for manufacturing in china and the u.s. could converge as early as 2015. think of it - a billion consumers with more money to spend. "you want people to have money to buy your product." but there's a catch - china wants to promote chinese-made goods. "chinese always try to encourage buying goods made in china. it helps unemployment and is a source of national pride." for products aimed at american consumers, the real winner in china's rising wages may be mexico - a lot closer to the u.s., which means faster and cheaper. another benefit to the u.s. if mexico's export economy is stronger - american companies earn 37 cents of every dollar exported from mexico. why? mexican companies rely that much on american-made pa
the cone of this volcano. this is near puebla a city not far away from mexico city. >> what the heck was that? >> a rocket? >> did they fire a rocket into the volcano. >> no. >> shooting down laser beams. could be. this is a ufo that the video was reported by a tv station from a camera that is trained on the volcano to keep an eye on the volcano and they captured this. >> what's weird to me, though, yeah, you see it go in, but you don't see any sort of reaction, or any debris shoot up in the air, which makes me think maybe it's something with the lens or something. >> it's too much like a cylinder to be a meteor. >> some astronomers and theorists are saying they don't believe it to be a meteor, because that would have left some sort of trail. they don't believe it's any kind of volcanic volcano isn't shooting stuff up and out. one theory, a problem with the camera or just a natural phenomena. >> what the heck does that mean? >> does this look similar to what i just showed you in mexico? from an an check astronomer alan who observed this thing two hours. says it's not moving. he's mov
. it means though he was born in mexico, he can legally work. he admits he cried a little. >> hard to believe. >> the program started august 15th and applies to young people who arrived before 16th birthdays. 200 have been granted so far out of thousands of applications. catholic charities received 15 more approvals just today. >> this is going to open a lot of doors for them so they can work and pay for the tuition. >> had to leave his previous job because he didn't have proper paperwork. >> he just applied for social security card today. his sister who was born in the u.s. went with him. >> so overwhelming for him to have all the opportunities that i have. >> and he has someone else to think about. his 1 year old son. >> my son, you know, like i'm going to try to do everything for him. >> he plans to go back to school and hopes to one day open his own computer business. he has another sister who is waiting for her application for a work permit to be processed. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a super market chain is explaining why it began using a highly controversial federal system of all new hires
canaveral, mexico city or any other city in the south eastern parts of the united states. >> shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba or any nation in the western hepls -- hemisphere as an attack. requiring a full retaliatory response. >> it almost seemed the day as if time stood still. the shooting hasn't started yet but there weren't any real encouraging signs that it could be avoided. but worried, alarmed, afraid perhaps even the american public nonetheless appeared determined and resolved. this is walter cronkite, good night. >> president kennedy would play one last card for a peaceful resolution. >> kennedy engaged in the least abnoxious option which is to engage a naval blockade. >> reporter: experts say any invasion fleet would almost certainly been annihilated by the missiles already in place. >> we would have sailed into this and i would think unless -- they would not have been able to stop it. >> as the stable stakes that the unite would take no action. >> his ploy had not worked. and by being willing to back down with blowing u
defying 23-mile free fall in new mexico. former military parachutist baumgartner is on a quest to become the first sky diver to break the sound barrier. he planned to ride a capsule carried bay balloon into the stats fear then jump. but the balloon is so delicate it can only take flight of winds of two miles an hour or less. the 43-year-old now says he will try again. >>> today at 5:00, we are following the developments at san francisco's city hall where the board of supervisors is set to decide the fate of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. we'll stay on the scene and bring you the latest tonight at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always on at ktvu mobile and so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang
disrupted production in the gulf of mexico; and other reasons - collectively short-term setbacks, according to energy trader phil flynn. "a lot of those situations are going to level out. long-term profitability will increase in the coming months." the situation in california underscores energy supplies in transition. the spike came as gas supplies were shifting from summer to winter blends. but the nation is also in an energy transition, from coal to natural gas. "demand for coal has been hit because of the cheap price of natural gas. production is so low that prices may even start to rise." but there's still a big debate about how quickly the u.s. may move toward natural gas. cars, trucks - natural gas filling stations? "you've really got to build infrastructure to deliver itto stations. it's wildly expensive." jason schenker sees oil prices going higher next year with the gap narrowing between west texas intermediate crude - known as wti - and brent blend, from the north sea. he predicts natural gas prices will stay low but begin trending upward in the next couple of years. wear and tear
the source of the oil sheen in the gulf of mexico. it is near the rig explosion and spill in 2010. bp said it is likely coming from a pipe that once connected the rig to the well. in addition to the robots. they will you'll satellite information. they are going to cover the cost of this operation. >>> one other person died with the meningitis outbreak t now brings the toll to 15. there are two hub reported cases. the outbreak is linked to steroid shots used for back pain. it was produced by a pharmacy in massachusetts. they have been recalled and the company is shut down. >>> right now a palo alto boy is being p home schooled because of a debate of his health. he carries a genetic mutation of cystic fibrosis. >> he is healthy and officials worry he could endanger other students with cystic fibrosis. they ordered him to go to another district middle school and while the disease is not contagious. bacteria from patients could be take russ to others with the same disease. a hearing will be held to see whether he can attend school. >> after hours of hard work. a mural is restored at a san fran
, new mexico, nevada and wyoming are said to be the only states suffering from severe worker shortages. high speed trading is showing signs of slowing down. trading firms large and small reportedly are cutting staff or even closing. according to the new york times, profits from high speed trading on stocks are expected to hit $1.25 billion this year, down 35% from last year. owners of high- frequency trading firms have expressed concerns about government regulations, although so far u.s. regulators have taken only minor steps to rein in trading practices. morgan stanley has been slapped with a lawsuit. the firm is being sued by the american civil liberties union in a lending discrimination case. the suit claims the firm targeted minority homeowners, leading them into bad mortgage deals. they claim thousands of detroit homeowners have been caught up in the scheme. morgan stanley says the allegations are completely without merit, and plans to fight the claims. a refund may be coming your way for e-books. 3 major publishers and attorneys general from most states have reached a settlement
disaster and mexico is asking for the public's help. we're live to hear about if the item that saved the man's life was stolen. >> reporter: it was on a fishing trip that started south of the border at a marina like this one in oakland. police chief gave his tremendous appreciation for a life of estevez now gone. >> this is the fishing boat that went down in the sea of cortez killing eight men. charles gibson was one of the 35 survivors. >> i would have drowned without that life vest. >> it was this a red vest, which another victim had given him after they floated for four and a half hours clinging to ice. >> when daybreak came, we decided to swim. and we swam but we were separated. i was given this life vest which gave me confidence. ten hours later, i finally made it to a deserted island. >> after his brush with death, gibson, who was chief of police, began giving motivational speeches with the theme, keep kicking. >> the best was the mainstay of this talks until this week when it was stolen from the back of his police suv. >> it had sentimental value. it also represented
was somewhere she shouldn't be's in santa fe, new mexico. rummaging through dumpsters. police saw her and the chase commenced. >> of course, the bear got away. >> until they got a call the next morning. across the street from the police department. up in a tree. >> watch these bears. >> and, boom. amp being tranquilized with two shots, the bear took a little nap. >> funny thing is the police didn't notice her in a tree across the street. >> it was a citizen. notice there's a tag on that bear's ear. >> already tagged because of the three strikes rule. >> they think it's her second time doing this. >> it's kind of heartbreaking to watch this whole thing. >> the good thing, she was returned to her natural habitat. she's going to go hibernate. she'll be all right. >> watch out! whoa. >>> what does a fast car say to the roadway with america's highest speed limit? >> see ya! >> motor versus motorway, next. >>> and jenna marbles is talking about guys and lies. >> we can do nothing else but lie. >> it's like >>> welcome back, everybody. here's number six. >> this video is definitely going to
about the problem of illegal immigration, most of the discussion is about the mexico/u.s. border. we don't talk about it in terms of the canadian border. >>> get the hair brush. >>> as we get closer to halloween, the videos get scarier and e1scarier. i have to warn you guys, watch this one at your own risk. >> this is a character from the ring. well, she has been seen in the streets of warsaw, poland. >> that's not funny. it is not funny. it's scary enough to see anybody in a night gown in public because you know that person is crazy. >> especially if you know the character and you know that she's out to get you. she walks into this electronics store, throws this screen on the floor. look at the people around her, everybody starts freaking out. one of the clerks goes over to the phone and i assume starts calling security.fá here she tries to leave the store, setting off the alarm. >> i don't even know how to feel about this one, it's so creepy. >> i think she also might run in track and field events or something because she's very >> it's a dude! here he's back at the park scaring peopl
with government forces in northern mention mexico. last night his body was stolen. authority has no explanation. % they were unguarded. >>> a 48 week study shows several universities. it said people in programs like weight watchers lost as much weight as people in programs led by health experts. >>> a new study shows prescription drugs may still work well past their expiration date this could impact health care costs and drug shortages but the news come was warnings. the research only looked at bottles that had never been opened only certain drugs were tested. . >> a healthy portion of tomato sauce could cut your risk of stroke. a new study out of finland indicate that tomatoes are good for brain health. the risk of stroke was reduced as much as 55% among men with the highest levels. it's the highest in cooked but is also found in raw as well as watermelon, grapefruit, papaya and mango. >> two games down but a's fans say no sweat. why they don't see defeat but a sweep at home. >> and back here in just a few minutes, really a nice day but there are showers off shore and there are sprinkles st
. >>> a nearly seven-year wait has ended for a 36-year-old native of mexico who finally received a new kidney at uc san francisco medical center. jesus navarro is recovering tonight, following successful transplant operation last week. the immigrant at one point was taken off the donor list, some, say, because of his immigrant status. >> to my knowledge, there have been very few transplants provided to undocumented immigrants. there is no reason to deny someone a transplant, just because they are not a legal immigrant. >> earlier this year, navarro's story received a lot of attention, prompting san ramon resident sam keegan to came up his cause and help. >> all ucf wanted was to ensure he would receive post transplant care. so once we could prove to them that he would receive proper post transplant care, then they made him active on the list again. >> keegan himself is also an organ recipient who received a kidney from a nicaraguan immigrant. he says more than 100,000 people across the country signed petition on ucf officials insisted it was a misunderstanding that led to navarro
. there has been an increase this year. they are here to feed before heading to mexico. >>> get ready for fleet week, this year it will show case the blue angels along with a parade of ships that will be open for tourists. at a ceremony today mayor ed lee emphasized the role the military plays in keeping our nation secure. >> the world isn't safe. there are a lot of things happening, we have to always be ready. >> fleet week starts on thursday but the blue angels arrive tomorrow with plans to land in formation at san francisco international airport in the afternoon. >> california is the first state to ban a form of psychotherapy that tries to cure gay teenagers. it prohibits conversion therapy for those under 18. it takes effect january 1. groups say it will make it difficult for parents to get treatment. the boy scouts of america plan to bring the names of sex abusers to the police. they will look for more offenders. this comes ahead of a court ordered release of the files. it keeps keeps sex abusers out out of the organization. >>> there are reports that three u.s. troops and their
a gun at the police officers. >>> it may actually have been an assassination on americans in mexico city. they fired on an american embassy suv. there is evidence that a drug cartel infiltrated the police and master minded the ambush. two cia agents were wounded in the attack. the u.s. is mapping out a plan to take out the people responsible for the attack on the consulate. the u.s. is currently gathering intelligence and compiling suspects. options could include drone attacks and joint missions with libyan forces however the obama administration is not expected to approve a strike before the november election. >>> the first of three presidential debates will be held tonight in denver. they are bringing up controversial video of president barack obama from five years ago. the details about that 5:14 when we take you back here live to washington d.c. >>> we know they are already in the playoffs the oakland a's and he is already at the coliseum, good morning alex. >>> now the as are going into a one game showdown for the showdown. if they can win they will be division champs and you can be
the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. it means though he was born in mexico, he can now legally work in the u.s. he admits he cried a little. >> it's just hard to believe. >> reporter: the program started august 15th and applies to young people who arrived in the country before their 16th birthdays. it's estimated that about 200 have been granted so far out of thousands of applications. catholic charities of santa clara county received 15 more approvals just today. >> this is going to open a lot of doors for them so that they can work and pay for their tuition. >> reporter: christian had to leave his previous job because he didn't have proper paperwork. now that will change. he just applied for a social security card today. his sister, who was born in the u.s., went with him. >> it's so overwhelming, like, for him to have all the opportunities that i have. >> reporter: and christian has someone else to think about, too. his 1-year-old son. >> my son. i just want the best for him and i'm going to try to do everything for him. >> reporter: christian plans to go back to school and
balloon festival is underway in new mexico. look at these pictures. 500 balloons launched yesterday morning at the albuquerque balloon festival. bad weather pushed back the event but visitors forgot about the clouds when they saw all the colorful balloons rising. >>> only on 2 tonight, a public display that is sparking more than just a debate about politics. >> and liven san francisco, where supporters are filling the bill graham civic auditorium for president obama. the latest on the visit on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >>> democratic rund raiders, we are outside -- fundraisers, we are outside and inside where the president is about to arrive. >> election day is a month away, will your vote be counted, the one thing some do differently. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. >>> i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> some are calling it threatening. ktvu's robert handa is live with a look at a display by a homeowner who is denouncing president obama. robert? >> reporter: over nigh shoulder you
. investigators believe he is in a white car fleeing to mexico. the victims are expected to survive. >>> investigators discovered where a fire started, it began in the rear of the building. the cause hasn't been determined but a dozen businesses were damaged by the flames. investigators say the flames spread and burned for hours. >>> the government is targeting the finances of a violent street gang by calling the ms- 13 gang a transnational criminal organization. the government now has the power to put economic sanctions on the organization. they can freeze their assets within the united states and make banking more difficult for members. ms-13 is a very violent gang created by immigrants. >>> we are just minutes away from the start of the a's game tonight to determine if they go on to the american league championship series. a live look outside right now. a lot of fans here and today the team tweeted if the a's win tonight they will remove the tarps from the third deck that means 11,000 more seats will be available for the next game. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in oakl
mexico is looking good for felix baumgartner's latest attempt. he plans to parachute 23 miles from the earth. he noted that tomorrow is the day of the anniversary that chuck yeager first broke the sound barrier from a plane in 1957. >> 50 years ago tomorrow, the cuban missile crisis was sparked. president jfk and his aides worked to avoid a confrontation with russian president khruschchev. the soviet missiles left cuba and the u.s. dismantled its own missile installations in turkey. a new recall, targeting a popular dog treat and the first of its kind fire drill and why officials say today's exercise was particularly important flood watch and cancellations are coming to american airlines and why the air carrier is cutting back on flights and how long it will last. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if
in mexico last year is asking for help tonight. as ktvu's john sasaki reports he is looking for the one item that he credits with saving his life. >> reporter: this was the fishing boat called the eric, which went down in the sea of cortez, killing eight man. >> i would have died, i would have drowned without that life vest. >> reporter: it was this red vest when other victim had given him after they floated for four and a half hours clinging to some ice chests. >> when daybreak came we decided to swim for it and we were separated of first he was given this life vest that gave me confidence and ten hours later i finally made to a deserts island r. after his brush with death, gibson who is chief of police at contra costa college is a motivational speech this week the vest was stolen from the back of his police suv. >> it represented the british columbia of mankind because a guy named glenn wong gave that to me. >> reporter: kishon says it means a lot to him. >> sometimes i reeled i might not get it back, john and that is okay. because i have it in my heart and my mind and just maybe that
felix baumgartner made the highest sky dive in history from an altitude of 128,000 feet over new mexico. that's more than 24 miles into space. aviation officials said they clocked baumgartner at 833 miles per hour that's mach 1.4. he later told reporters the only thing on his mind when he jumped was making it down alive. >>> the cases of fungal meningitis has risen to 105. the centers of disease control says the number of deaths stands at 15. the number of deaths stem from steroid shots. the medications have been recalled. some of the contaminated medication was used here in california but there are no reports of infection here so far. >>> in news of the world we are getting late word that the young girl shot in pakistan is being flown to the united states. hundreds rallied for support. the unspoken advocates for girl's rights was shot in the head back on october 9. she remains unconscious and on a ventilator. late tonight pakistani officials say that she needs prolonged care to fully recover. >>> from syrian rebels comes this video proporting the show the downing of a government jet by
of mistaken identity near mexico city may actually have been an assassination attempt on americans. the "associated press" reports there's evidence that a drug cartel infiltrated the police and masterminded the ambush when two cia agents were wounded. >>> the fbi is investigating the killing of nicholas ivy yesterday in arizona. another agent is wounded but is expected to arrive. authorities suspected more than one person fired at the agent. >>> more testimony later in oakland at the murder trial of giselle esteban. now, esteban is accused of killing nursing student michelle le last year and then dumping her body near sunol. yesterday, defense attorneys say that esteban was at an emotional low point at the too -- at the time of her death. the lawyers do not deny that she killed michelle le. they say it happened in the in the heat of passion and should not be considered first or second-degree murder. >>> the military plan to track down those responsible for the deadly attack in benghazi. >>> the truth is. i'm overweight. you could call me fat and yes, obese on a doctor's chart. but
tuesday near the u.s.-mexico border in arizona. u.s. officials originally blamed it on armed criminals but now, investigators is say they can't rule out whether shots were fired in the friendly fire incident. one of the agents died, a second one was wounded. >>> san francisco has a new catholic archbishop this morning. more than 2000 worshipers filled st. mary's yesterday at salvatore was installed during a mass. some consider him a controversial figure because of his support for california's same-sex marriage ban. despite that, parishioners think he will reach out to liberal members of the church. >> i'm certain he will do so. that's probably one of the top things on his list. outside the church, a dozen gay rights advocates protested his installation, equal number of the archbishop supporters gathered and sang songs. this has been a stew much white house week. -- tumultuous week. prosecutors dropped a charge of driving under the influence. he has publicly apologized for his quote error in judgment. >>> it was one year ago today that apple cofounder steve jobs died. marking the annive
to jump from a balloon in new mexico yesterday, 23 miles above the surface but canceled because of high winds. he plans to try again tomorrow. if he's successful, he will become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier. >>> the city of oakland wants an auto shop to pipe down. the "chronicle" reports that neighbors have complained about late-night noise and unruly behavior coming from the auto shop on brock hurst street. the lawsuit file has been filed and seeks $1,000 a day if the reported nuisance continues. >>> okay sal, what's going on with the mac maze? >> well, it's very slow. the traffic damage has been done. there is a huge backup that needs to unwind at the bay bridge. with any luck we'll start to look like normal. there is a lot of slow traffic just getting to the bridge. 580 is slow back to lakeshore and it's getting worse. let's move along and take at other traffic. west 80 from pinole to richmond, a minor crash. 7:23. let's go to -- i almost forgot the live pictures here at the end. i don't want to forget san jose. look at northbound 280. coming in as far back as 101, g
discovered in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard confirms it matches the oil from that bp spill two years ago. the source of the oil is still a mystery. the coast fort lauderdale says it's possible it's coming from the deep horizon rig that exploded and tank in the 2010 disaster. industry experts say it's unlikely that the well is leaking again. >>> 7:05. vice president joe biden meet up with his republican rival, paul ryan in their only debate tonight in kentucky. coming up why some people say the moderateert of tonight's debate has a major con-- moderator of tonight's debate has a major conflict of interest. >>> the "chronicle" reports that supervisor jame kim sent an e-mail to her constituents saying she would support a recall effort to remove mirkarimi from the sheriff's office. she's one of the supervisors to put him back in his post. coming up later in the newscast, pam cook will have more on why a recall effort will not be easy. >>> the sun is now up. let's head to sal and see how. commute on this thursday morning is looking. >> mike and tori, it's getting busy. northbound 101 -- w
. >> hurricane paul came ashore on mexico's southern baja peninsula. the storm packed 70-mile an hour winds and brought 3 to 5 inches of rain. many streets in one town were flooded. the government opened dozens of shelters for people to wait out the storm. >> major changes in store for a congested san francisco to row fair. >>> also another closure if a bay area bridge this weekend. >> in 10 minutes a muppet look alike that is anything but child friend lip. the man known as evil elmo could now be in san francisco. >>> a search crew has located burned wreckage of a missing plane. the coroner is trying to identify the remains after pilot. the crash site is only about a mile from the half-moon bay airport. ktvu's john sasaki tells us investigators have a good idea who was in that plane. >> reporter: on a windy bluff search crews discovered a crash site in morning one day a a plane disappeared. sheriffs officials escorted our camera near the wreckage. >> if it's burned, mangled wreckage is what it is. >> reporter: yesterday morning a plane took off from the airport heading for arizona. it never
of barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico for almost 90 days. >> a ktvu investigation into the spending of public money by port of oakland officials is drawing swift response. what the mayor's office is now requesting. >> and a new epicenter for san francisco sports is emerging. the momentum is not going unnoticed. we'll explain coming up. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> more fallout tonight from our ktvu news investigation about questionable spending at port of oakland, including hundreds of dollars at a private karaoke bar very late at night. tonight we're getting a lot of reaction from our extensive reaction. eric rasmusse in is here with the development. >> reporter: union workers and even the mayor of oakland are weighing in. neighbors told us they're
festival is underway in new mexico. nearly 500 balloons launched. bad weather pushed back the start of the event which was scheduled to begin on saturday. the visitors say they forgot all about the clouds when they saw the colorful designs of the clouds rising up into the sky. a beautiful sight. >> looks nice. >>> a special day was not supposed to end like this. [screaming] >> this fight that -- that broke out between two wedding parties. >> reporter: the half moon bay pumpkin weigh-off is underway. ? oÑ >>> u.s. stocks are down after asia's economy will not grow as ect -- as expected this year. right now, the dow is currently down 46. the nasdaq is down 27. and the s&p is down 7. >>> let's get you updated on some of the top stories we're following right now. protesters damaged buildings in downtown oakland last my. they smashed windows at city hall and several buildings along the street. >>> president obama returns to san francisco today to attend fund-raisers for his re- election campaign. the president will appear at a small event at the intercontinental hotel this afternoon and
todd is in roswell, mexico with more. what's going on there, brian? >> well, ken, they are gonna be taking a look at the weather conditions over the next hour. what they are looking at now is a possible lawnp if they are gonna go today at between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. pacific time. if they are gonna go, that's when they will probably lawnp. people kind of milling around there. we've got the capsule and the balloon in the field to my left. can't pan over there. the sun will shine directly in the camera. it's all here to my left. it will be launched on the field. a lot of anticipation here. the winds, they were in double digits and that was a little high. they wanted to get it down to 5 miles an hour to have optimum conditions. so they are gonna wait these patterns out. if they do not go today, they will look at the conditions tomorrow. >> we'll see what happens at 10:00 and 11:00 this morning and if the mission goes forward. >>> it's a do-or-die game for the oakland as. ktvu's alex savidge is live with more on why the team doesn't plan to open up any other seats for a game that's a
funding for abortion and will act immediately to ensure that that is not the case. by reversing the mexico city policy and would, indeed, sign the legislation, that protects, further protects innocent human life and he's completely consistent here. >> chris: all right, let's talk about what david axelrod brought up in the question of taxes. in the vice presidential debate, paul ryan, once again, got roughed up for failing to explain how you'll pay for the 20% cut in tax rates by limiting deductions. let's take a look. >> i want to work with congress how best to achieve this, that means successful. what we are saying, lower tax rates 20%, start with the wealthy, work with congress to do it. >> chris: ryan is saying, we don't want to get hemmed in. let's leave it to congress. why is it all right to tell voters about the candy, everybody gets a 20% tax cut -- cut in their tax rates and let's not tell them about the spinach, where you lose deductions. >> in a campaign environment, to start negotiating in a campaign environment you will lock in republicans and lock in democrats... >> chris: you
grandfather was from mexico and my wife's father was from wales. i want the legal system to be better and clearer. you shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get in. and we need to give green cards to people who have what we need. get a green card on your diploma, come to the u.s.a. we have to stop illegal immigration. 4 million people are waiting to get here legally. i will not grant amnesty to those here illegally. there will be employment verification and i won't put in place magnets for people coming here illegally. i would not give drivers licenses to them as the president would. the kids -- they when the president ran for office, he said he would put in place that would reform our immigration system. he did not do it. he had a democrat house and a democrat senate. why did he fail to promote legislation that would have provided an answer for those who wanted to come here legally and for those who were here illegally today? that is a question at the present will have a chance to answer right now. >> we are a nation of immigrants. we all understand what this country h
are their grandchildren. they're claiming to be in a mexico jail and need money to get out. experts are saying older americans lose about $2.9 billion a year to frauds like that. most of the victims are women between ages 80 and 90. >>> time now is 6:18. talked about it this morning -- >> yeah. >> really foggy over the bridge. >> you were in it. >> yeah. i came to almost a some when i hit a wall of fog. it is still pretty bad out there? >> it is, pam and dave. allow yourself extra time if you can -- i know that's a tall order in the morning. some areas are not and those are areas we shough show you cameras. westbound 24 moderately heavy. on the oakland side you can will see fog and the danger -- you will drive along in clear weather and then will come in to some fog. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is fill in a little bit. the metering light have been switched on and backed to the 880 crossing. if you're driving 101 to the airport -- perhaps a flight -- no major problems. check with sfo. i think the fog may affect some flights and if you're trying to get to the eastern part of the country, you kn
in mexico is asking for the public's help as he searched for the life vest that helped save his life. charles gibson was one of 35 people who survived after the eric sank in the sea of cortez. after the disaster gibson started giving motivational talks featuring the red life vest that he says saved his life. last week that vest was stolen from the back of his police s.u.v. >> it had sentimental value. and it also represented the goodness of man kind, actually, because a guy named glen wong took that vest off and gave it to me. >> gibson is chief of police at contra costa community college. he says anyone who has the vest can return it to the tions asked. >>> budget cuts at state universities may be causing more students to enroll at private universities. san jose mercury news reports private colleges are reporting big increases in enrollment among both freshmen and transfer students. college officials say the availability of classes and disillusionment with the spike in tuition are big factors in increased enrollment. out of state universities say they've also seen an increase in app
and new mexico have stopped selling flamein' hot chee-tos. one elementary school in los angeles county went as far as banning them. >>> plans to build a chick fill slay in jeopardy. some worried this would lead to more traffic and cause more delays. >>> well, this november, the tv show "the x factor" will have two new faces. after a lot of speculation, fox confirmed that khloe kardashian and mario lopez will co-host. they will be joining simon cowell, britney spears. "x factor" airs right here on channel 2. by the way, kardashian and lopez will make their debut next week. >>> 8:22. a $500 reward is being offered in san francisco for the safe return of a stolen puppy. the puppy's name is violet. a 10-week-old terrier mix t was stolen yesterday afternoon from the spca adoption center in san francisco. violet was only spayed three days ago. she needs to be watched in case she has complications and sheep needs more vaccinations. >>> we want to warn but pictures from this next story. a dog, which became an internationalsen sakes, is encountering more health problems. ka-bang lost her snout
of baja, mexico. right now it's posing no threat to land. >>> today does mark the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. it has been the long -- it has become the longest war in u.s. history. all while that ongoing war has stirred up tensions between the u.s. and afghanistan, defense secretary leon panetta says afghan president should be grateful the u.s. continues to safeguard that country. >> coalition troops are expected to leave afghanistan by the end of 2014. afghanistan is threatening to request china for help if the u.s. cuts off supplies. more protestors plan to rally in oakland tonight. they will launch a protest called mission failure. the rally starts at 6:00 p.m.. >>> it's the fifth day in a row that fire has been exchanged over the border of turkey and syria and leon panetta says it's something to be concerned about. the clashes could escalate and spread to neighboring countries. the u.s. is relaying concerns about the continuing fire between the two countries. five turkish civilians were killed on wednesday. >>> tensions could escalate between north and south kor
to identify the source of an oil sheen in the gulf of mexico. that sheen just recently surfaced near the site of the 2010 oil rig explosion and spill. bp says the oil is likely coming from a pipe that once connected the rig to the well. now, in addition to the underwater robots, the coastguard will also use satellites to observe as well. bp and trans ocean will cover the cost of that operation. >>> all four players punished in the nfl's bounty investigation have filed appeals with the league. they are also asking commissioner roger goodell to remove himself as arbitrator because they don't think that he can be impartial. this comes after the commissioner upheld his initial suspensions of all four players earlier this week. the four players were imreply indicated in what the nfl calls a bounty pool that paid cash bonuses for hits that injured opponents. the nfl says it was run by former new orleans saints defensive coordinator gregg williams. williams is suspended indefinitely. >>> now, lance armstrong foundation plans to carry on, despite the cyclist's recent troubles. the organization will c
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